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Whole House Air Filtration System

Healthy Benefits of a Whole House Air Filtration System

One of life’s little luxuries is an efficient air conditioner in your Florida home. Walking inside and being greeted by cool, clean air on a humid day in and around Pompano Beach is a treat that is made even better when any of the proper residential air filtration systems is installed. Think about the hours spent indoors each week. The air inside should be as good as or better than the air quality outside. The best way to reach that goal is by calling a licensed A/C professional like Natal Air Conditioning to install a whole house air filtration system.

Is there really a threat from poor inside air quality? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) places it among the top environmental public health hazards in homes, schools and many other types of buildings. Smog and mist capture our attention outside, but the indoor factors are less likely to be noticed. Indoor alarms typically alert occupants to radon and carbon monoxide. Think how much safer it would be to have those items removed with a filter even if the heater or a/c is not running. Mildew and mold are additional hazards, as well as toxic building materials. Dander from family pets and dust from a myriad of sources add to the list of common items that affect inside air quality.

Airborne pollutants are introduced into your home from both inside and outside sources. A variety of ordinary household sprays release VOCs and microorganisms during their use. Things are often tracked in on shoes or cling to clothing. Pets carry contaminants on their fur. The irritants are miniscule, but still cause trouble once they start circulating through your home. Ultraviolet (UV) lamps and HEPA filters are two methods used to grab and defuse the pollutants. Some units come with moisture resistant filters that stop the growth of microbes and bacteria.

Portable air filters can typically handle cleaning pollutants from one or two rooms. Whole house residential air filter systems are more convenient, effective, and economical because they capture airborne pollutants throughout the entire home. The long-lasting filters provide an unrestricted air flow and clean air without creating a strain on the unit. Respiratory problems including allergies and asthma are significantly reduced while improved air quality

How loud is the unit? This is a common question asked of the techs at Natal Air Conditioning. The filters are integrated in the return duct of your home’s current forced air HVAC system and make little, if any, noise. Whole house air filtration works with electric, oil, or gas units. Purified, healthy inside air is the result of this cleaner, more advanced method of operation.

Is it time to replace the current HVAC unit in your home? Take the opportunity to talk over the installation of the proper sized unit and the whole house air filtration at the same time.

Call 954-781-2665 today to speak with a Natal Air Conditioning professional about the welcome difference residential air filtration systems will make in your Pompano Beach area residence.

Monthly Archives: May 2018