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My Air Conditioner Is Dripping: What Do I Do?

In many states across the US, air conditioning units get to take a break during winter. This is because colder temperatures outside make it easier to keep their houses cool.

Florida rarely gets such a break. Our average daily temperatures reach lows of just 57°F during January. With such balmy temperatures throughout the year, Floridian air conditioners must remain in excellent shape. 

Yet, homeowners often struggle with how to repair issues with their air conditioners. For example, you may not know what to do when your air conditioner is dripping. 

If so, this guide is for you! We’ll explore what to do when your AC is leaking so you can prevent worse problems from developing. So let’s jump right in, shall we?

Check Your Air Filters When Your Air Conditioner Is Dripping

A leaky AC unit often stems from dirty air filters. When your air filter becomes clogged with dirt and grime, it restricts airflow around your evaporator coil. This airflow causes the coil to freeze over time.

When your coil freezes, it causes excess condensation to build in your system. When the coil begins to melt, it causes your drain pan to overflow. 

Fortunately, you can often resolve this issue by replacing your air filters. Doing this every thirty days can prevent a leaking air conditioning unit issue. 

Clogged Drain Lines

The primary cause of leaking AC units is a clogged drain line. This line takes condensation outside of your house. 

However, this line can become clogged by dust, dirt, and other particles. This clogging can block the water and prevent the system from disposing of it. 

Check your unit’s pan if you’re wondering whether clogged drain lines have caused your leak. If water is pooling in the pan, you likely have a clogged drain line. 

There is a DIY solution to this issue. In many cases, homeowners can remove the debris clogging their lines with a wet/dry vacuum. Usually, these devices provide enough power to suck out the grime. 

However, consider calling professionals if a vacuum can’t do the job. Professional teams have the necessary equipment and experience to ensure your AC unit remains in good condition. 

Low Refrigerant Levels in Your Unit

Another source to check when your air conditioning unit is leaking water is its refrigerant levels. When these levels get low, it can lower the pressure inside your system. This decreased pressure can cause your evaporator coil to freeze.

This issue causes a similar problem to dirty air filters. However, its consequences can be much more severe. Refrigerant leak repairs can become costly if left unattended.

It’s best to contact professionals if you notice refrigerant leaks. Otherwise, you could face much higher repair bills.

Contact Us for AC Repairs

It’s best to take immediate action when your air conditioner is dripping. When you notice this issue, check whether it could come from your air filter or drain line. Doing so can help you prevent the damage from worsening. 

However, if the issue is more severe, contact our team! We have years of experience helping Floridian homes stay cool. 

You can also schedule routine HVAC tune-ups with us to enhance your AC maintenance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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