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AC Unit Maintenance: Don’t Patch It – Fix It!

Did you know 91% of homes in the U.S. own an air conditioner? Remember that figure next time you try to buy parts for a broken AC, especially during the summer.

You can avoid the scramble to find parts by scheduling regular AC unit maintenance. Routine maintenance also helps extend the service life of your unit.

What about those DIY patch jobs many influencers on social media recommend?

Sure, there are some DIY AC maintenance projects you can tackle. But you want reliable advice, not information put out by someone trying to make a few dollars on social media.

Read more here about why DIY repairs may create more significant problems than what you’re trying to solve.

How You Can Maintain Your AC Unit 

DIY AC maintenance should prevent future breakdowns and minimize the cost of repairs. The maintenance you can do without calling an HVAC company includes:

  • Changing the air filter
  • Clearing debris from around the outside unit
  • Cleaning the thermostat
  • Changing thermostat batteries
  • Quick monthly inspection of the AC unit

None of these require specialized tools or training. All go a long way towards ensuring your air conditioner is ready to keep your home comfortable during the cooling season.

Should I Patch an AC Unit?

The older an AC gets, the more likely you’ll start experiencing minor issues. Maybe the unit doesn’t run as efficiently and has trouble keeping up on those blazing hot summer days.

Naturally, it’s tempting to fiddle around with the various components of your AC when it’s not working correctly. And it feels great when you can solve the problem on your own.

Have you ever patched a tire? Perhaps you got a few more miles out of it, but you only applied a Band-Aid and likely replaced the tire anyway. 

It’s a similar situation when you do a patch repair on your AC. You end up with a temporary solution that usually costs you more money.

Why DIY AC Unit Maintenance May Cost More

Many DIY AC repairs don’t cost a fortune. Some even utilize tools and materials that you have in your garage. You’ll likely end up paying more in the long run.

If you’ve ever checked out what’s inside an HVAC tech’s truck, you’ll see it stocked with specialized tools. Those tools are unique to the HVAC trade and not found in the average homeowner’s toolbox.

Even if they have a few tools, most homeowners don’t know how to fix an AC unit. They get on social media, watch a few videos, and away they go!

AC units contain multiple mechanical components. One mistake could turn your minor repair into an AC replacement during a DIY patch job. You may also void your existing warranty.

An HVAC technician brings the tools and expertise to fix rather than bandage a broken AC unit.

We Can Fix Your AC Unit 

A qualified technician specializes in AC troubleshooting. They fix whatever problems they find—no Band-Aids needed. A fix always works better than a patch job.

The experts at Natal Air Conditioning USA understand keeping costs down. They also know it’s better to fix problems than apply several temporary solutions.

Contact us today for AC unit maintenance or repair. Our mission is to keep you and your home comfortable.

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