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Mitsubishi Products

Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Systems

Bringing Cool Comfort To Every Room.


In many homes, all rooms aren’t created equal, and their comfort can vary significantly. That’s where Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems installed by Natal Air Conditioning can help.

These stylish, low-profile mini-split and multi-split units bring consistent, cost-effective air conditioning to hard-to-cool areas as well as entire homes. Providing clean, comfortable air where it’s needed most, these systems reduce energy costs and solve problems such as:

  • Hot And Cold Rooms
  • Additions/Renovations
  • Enclosed Patios
  • Homes Without Space For Ductwork
  • Larger, Multi-Zone Living Spaces


LifestyleCoupleWhere There’s Room For Improvement, Mitsubishi Delivers.

As a pioneer in ductless system cooling and heating technology, Mitsubishi Electric has opened the door to creating enhanced comfort, convenience and value for the life you live. These flexible products offer:

  • Energy efficiency – All units are Energy Star rated.
  • Quiet operation – They run as low as 19 decibels … soft as a whisper.
  • Flexible options – Accommodate a single room or several throughout your home.
  • Increased comfort – Humidity and temperature are easily controlled. A built-in temperature sensor in the remote controller allows for easy system adjustments from anywhere in the room.

Getting the most out of your home and budget takes a unique solution. Mitsubishi Electric and Natal Air Conditioning put the power to live better in the palm of your hand.


Multi-Zone Applications.

Precise Home Comfort – Here, There And Everywhere.

Maintaining desired temperatures from room to room and floor to floor can be challenging. Mitsubishi Multi-Zone units were developed as an alternative to traditional central air systems, letting you create an oasis of comfort in each of the rooms you use most.

  • Divide your home into as many as eight different zones (rooms).
  • Use wireless/wired remote controls to let people in different rooms choose the temperature that makes them most comfortable.
  • Enable energy-efficient programming of each zone to be active or inactive as needed.
  • Provide enhanced air flow for greater humidity control during cooling.

Comfort zones that make life more pleasant for everyone under your roof. Another Mitsubishi innovation that hits home.


Take Smartphone Control Of Your Ductless System.


Optional RedLINK™ Internet Gateway

Turn up your air on your way home from work … or make adjustments while you’re on vacation. With RedLINK™ Internet Gateway, you can remotely monitor and control your Mitsubishi ductless system at any time, from any place via smartphone, tablet or PC.

  • View/change system settings and access multiple systems/zones.
  • Get temperature/comfort alerts through a dedicated website.
  • Enjoy free app download and no monthly monitoring fees.
  • Receive automatic upgrades as new features become available.

It’s smart technology at a price that’s a no-brainer. Available from Mitsubishi Electric and Natal Air Conditioning.

For more information about Mitsubishi Electric ductless air conditioning systems, call Natal Air Conditioning today, or click here.

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